RESIST&SKIP® is a new UK fitness concept combining resistance rope exercises, to aid body strength shape & toning, with one of the simplest & most efficient forms of cardio work-out there is - skipping!
Your RESIST&SKIP® Rope will effortlessly work as a lightweight, fast-action skipping or as a reliable & comfortable resistance rope system.
Your RESIST&SKIP® Rope has been entirely designed, developed & manufactured in the UK & consists of a high quality 5.00 mm diameter elasticated ‘shock cord’ rope in combination with shatterproof HDPE handles with non-slip comfort foam grips. The rope is held in place & adjusted by a clever 2-piece sleeve & rope gripping ‘wonder-widget’ that enables you to shorten the rope to the correct size to suit your height.
Setting the length of your RESIST&SKIP® Rope:
It is important that you have your RESIST&SKIP™ Rope at the ideal length, for the skipping sections & for the resistance phases of your work-outs. The advantage of the RESIST&SKIP® Rope is that once you have set your length you will be able to complete ALL of your RESIST&SKIP® Rope workouts without further adjustment.
NOT Changing the resistance of your RESIST&SKIP® Rope:
We have designed the RESIST&SKIP™ Rope so it’s quick & easy to get increased resistance for a particular move. This will happen as your strength, tone & endurance develops. To make a particular exercise harder simple wrap a section of the rope lightly around your hands. Get a feel for how much resistance you want for your favourite moves. You control the intensity. Try a few or lots of reps!
Currently available in two sizes & resistance strengths – Special ‘launch offer’ Prices!