Nortech ‘ProStar’ - our latest & greatest, perhaps, our ultimate speed rope…

Hand made in the UK using a slightly heavier grade of our special formula ‘scuff -resistant’ solid PVC cord.

Still flexible, but now ultra-durable, the heavier cord helps provides an even tougher workout!

Features our new style polythene handles [135 mm long] that incorporate our unique ‘nortech speed washers’ making ProStar ropes extra smooth & ultra fast when turned.

Another major feature of these ropes is that the cord ends are finished with our recently developed two part, length adjusting ‘wonder widget’ - this enables the user to fine -tune the rope length without resorting to knots in the rope itself.

Supplied as a fully adjustable 8ft or 10ft ‘ProStar’ ultra workout skipping rope.

Please see our separate size guide & price lists