What length of rope do I need?

The length of a skipping rope relative to your height is important. Please follow this approximate guide.

Rope Length Your Height
7ft / 213 cm up to 4’ 10” / up to 147 cm
8ft / 244 cm 4’ 11”  to 5’ 4” / 149 cm to 163 cm
9ft / 274 cm  5’5” to 5’11” / 165 cm to 180 cm
10ft / 305 cm 6’0” to 6’6” /  182cm to 198 cm
11ft /  335cm 6’ 7” and above / 200cm
15ft / 457 cm Our ‘Double –Dutch length, enabling at least 2 skipper inside the rope.
25ft / 762 cm Ideal for team & class games, fitting many skippers inside the rope.

To set up your rope to the correct length, stand on the centre of your rope and lift it up.
The rope handle ends should reach your armpits.
As you improve your technique you will generally shorten the rope slightly.
When starting out always err on the longer side as it’s easy to shorten the rope at a later stage.
When you jump over the rope it should then brush the floor directly under your feet!
If the rope cord doesn’t touch the floor – It’s TOO SHORT
If the cord hits the floor in front of you – it’s TOO LONG

Our ProStar, SunStar & TrixStar ropes can be easily adjusted for length using our  ‘wonder widgets’ end caps, enabling you to get an exact fit.
Our BeadStar ropes are adjusted by simply tying a knot in the centre braid where it rotates inside the handle.
Our Speedstar ropes are simply adjusted for length by tying a knot [one or more] in the cord itself.
The SpeedStar knot[s] should be somewhere between the handles in the rope itself! That way they will always be fast turning.
Our TeamStar ropes are available in 15ft [Double-Dutch] lengths or 25ft team games lengths & shouldn’t need adjustment.