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Nortech Skipping Ropes - Nortech Jump Ropes

We’re jump rope ‘boffins’ & skipping rope ‘geeks’ morphed into one, providing the world with an extensive selection of thoroughly tried & very much tested skipping ropes, selling throughout Great Britain & beyond.

Yes, that’s right; it really is all we do! Design, make, pack & then supply some of the best & longest lasting skipping ropes & jump ropes on  planet earth. It’s why we get up in the morning!

That’s us, that’s nortech, keeping it very pure & extremely simple.

Of course, we’ll say less really is more! More knowledge, more quality, more value, more choice…

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And yes, we really do hand make all our products in the UK & have done for the past 24 years.

We sell from a single rope upwards.

So please do check out all our skipping rope styles & extensive variations.

Want to buy? Please go straight to our rope shop for prices & delivery details or for starters why not just browse our rope range to see what interests you?

If you’re a volume buyer [1000 units upwards] please check out what bespoke features we can offer to develop your own, unique rope design which includes different handle options, numerous cord diameters, continuous printing of brands or messages on the cord & various, substantial colour choices together with individual or bulk packaging options

Please, if you have any questions or require further information please email us or phone.

We really are in most days of the week; only on occasion do we disappear early to sample the delights of our wonderful Dorset countryside…

Since 1988 - Nortech No. 1 for skipping - No. 1 for Jump Rope

Our Jump Ropes

  • SpeedStar


    Nortech ‘SpeedStar’ rope - Still the No.1 rope after an amazing 24 years…

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  • BeadStar


    Nortech ‘BeadStar’ rope - our brightly coloured, segmented tube speed ropes…

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  • TrixStar


    Nortech ‘TrixStar’ rope - the ideal companion for learning new moves…

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  • TeamStar


    Nortech ‘TeamStar’ rope - longer pairs & single ropes for all team activities…

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  • ProStar


    Nortech ‘ProStar’ - our latest & greatest, perhaps, our ultimate speed rope…

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  • SunStar


    Nortech ‘SunStar’ - our new in 2012 colour change ropes…

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